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Can I get a degree through the UofN?

Yes, the UofN offers Associate’s degrees, Bachelor’s degrees, Graduate Diplomas and Master’s degrees.

Is the UofN accredited? 

While the UofN has not applied for accreditation in any nation’s educational system, various accredited institutions throughout the world accept UofN transfer students and credits. Click here for more details on accreditation.

The UofN is committed to quality education. As a result, UofN courses are now recognized by many institutions of higher learning, Christian and non-Christian. Our students are accepted as transfer students, and they are given transfer credit for those UofN courses which are comparable to the programs of the receiving institution. Courses do not transfer on a one-for-one basis, but neither do the courses of other universities. Accreditation is not always the main factor in that decision. The major factor is quality of instruction, recognized by the depth and quality of student learning. On that basis, UofN students show commendable strength. An increasing number of institutions are enthusiastic about accepting UofN students. Of course, the lack of accreditation can leave certain professional doors closed. But for many students, this is not an insurmountable problem. It all depends on the career or profession the individual student is pursuing, for what purpose, and in which nation.

If you wish to know about our YWAM Kona Degree Courses, then contact degrees@uofnkona.edu or check out this page