What Do DTS or UofN Course Schedules Look Like?

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Our Discipleship Training Schools have a core curriculum that is followed, and each individual DTSs may add on to that curriculum based on what the focus of that DTS is. Each week, you’ll have a different speaker teaching on a different topic. Topics can include Hearing God’s Voice, Character & Nature of God, Father Heart of God, etc.

What does the weekly schedule look like?

Each DTS & UofN course vary regarding their weekly schedules, for specific schedule please contact the corresponding School Leader/Staff directly. However, In general, you can expect being involved in lectures, processing time, intercession & prayer, worship, etc from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays.  All of our DTSs and UofN courses have an academic requirement of a minimum of 50-55 hours per week.

Can I come for the lecture phase but not go on outreach?

Participating in the lecture phase only and not the outreach phase is not an option.  Most of our courses, and especially our DTS’s are set up as a reflection of, “To know God, and make Him known.”  It is vital that you be given the opportunity to put it into practice what you learned in lecture phase immediately by going on the outreach.  In addition, there are times throughout the lecture phase that are dedicated towards outreach preparation. By not going on outreach, a person would be left with an incomplete DTS experience, and would not complete their DTS course. In order to join YWAM as a staff member, or to continue with the UofN, you must successfully complete a DTS.

For our UofN courses, it is best to contact your school leader and find out if there is a mandatory outreach phase or internship. It would be to your benefit that you participate in any outreach, field assignment, or internship that is offered with our courses.