Maui Fire Response Crisis – August 13, 2023

Kona, Hawaii – In the wake of the devastating Maui fire that has left communities reeling, the Maui Fire Relief Team, comprising YWAM Ships Kona and the University of the Nations Kona, continues to make strides in providing vital assistance and resources to those affected.

As the scale of the disaster unfolds, the true extent of the tragedy becomes more apparent. With just 3% of homes searched by FEMA cadaver dogs, the death toll continues to rise. Currently, approximately 1000 individuals are reported missing, and the destruction of 2200 structures, further compounds the crisis.

Responding to this dire situation, YWAM Ships Kona and the University of the Nations Kona are spearheading a comprehensive relief campaign. Collaborating closely with local partners on Maui, supplies are being collected and dispatched via Aloha Air Cargo. Urging the community’s support, the relief team emphasizes the importance of donations to intensify their response efforts.

Local businesses have demonstrated remarkable solidarity, contributing essential items through donation stations set up outside major retailers such as Walmart. Among the urgently needed items are baby and maternal supplies, with water makers that can fit in a suitcase among the standout contributions.

The Maui Fire Relief Team has compiled a list of items requested by Maui residents, including canned goods, gatorades, toilet paper, camping gear, baby formula, diapers of all sizes, baby wipes, extension cords, stoves, can openers, coffee and filters, generators, fuel canisters, grills, charcoal, batteries of all sizes, headlamps, flashlights, lighters, dish and laundry soap, paper plates, paper towels, larger-sized diapers, feminine products, underwear in all sizes, and floss.

To facilitate donations, a drop-off point has been established at the Kuakini Hwy entrance to the University of the Nations Kona. Contact: [email protected]

The number of boats interested in shuttling goods across to Maui is growing. A Flotilla of Mercy is being set up to ferry goods across the straight, weather permitting. For assistance with this Flotilla of Mercy you can email: [email protected]

The Maui Fire Relief Team expresses heartfelt gratitude for the outpouring of support from both local and international communities. As the recovery efforts persist, their commitment to restoring hope and providing essential aid to those affected remains resolute.

To contribute to the relief effort please donate at www.ywamshipkona.org/donate

Thank you.

The Maui Fire Relief Team of
The University of the Nations Kona and YWAM Ships Kona