About This Ministry

Architecture is about telling stories.

You may have begun to believe it’s about buildings, structures, environmental responsiveness, and/or aesthetic “isms,” but it’s not.

It’s the narrative of who we are, where we come from, and where we are going through the language of our bodies. Architecture is the poetry of space; it is how we know ourselves, others and the world around us on the scale of our senses.

Our Focus

Our mission here at YWAM is “to Know God and to make him known.” It is easy to forget that knowing occurs on the scale of the body not just the mind. It is the body’s memory of space and place that informs and frames much of how we think and what we “know.” The perceptions of our senses are the subtle narratives that attend all our experiences.

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Ministry Activities

Schedule a visit at our office located in the GO Center or send us an inquiry at ADS@UofNKona.edu. Many interns have come from various schools to take part in creating beauty and function for various YWAM locations.

Donghoon Han

Donghoon Han, AIA is Lead Architect for ADS. During his DTS God revealed to him the need for more facilities because of a growing number of young missionaries coming to YWAM.  After he finished DTS in 2011, Donghoon moved to Kona to volunteer as an architect for YWAM. He believes it is a great privilege and honor to serve God and His people through ADS. Donghoon has over 30 years of experience in educational, commercial, residential, and civic/government projects and worked at Perkins & Will in Chicago as Associate Partner; Samoo Architects & Engineers in Seoul, Korea as Senior Principal; and founded Han & Partners Architects in New York and Seoul before joining YWAM. He was a Professor of Architecture Design at Myungji University in Seoul and is currently a Visiting Professor of Architecture at Yanbian University of Science & Technology in China.


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