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Foundation school is a mini DTS for children aged 4-17 years old. We are a 3 months program and we run our school in the January-March, April-June and September-December quarters. Our goal is to equip the whole family into ministry and to help the children grow closer to God through learning about God in the classroom and practicing their skills on weekly outreaches. Friday afternoons we gather the whole family from 1-3pm to worship, learn and play together as a unit. We want to see the whole family being discipled, so that all the members of the family can use their skills to benefit the most from each other’s talents. We also offer parenting classes on Tuesday evenings, and they are open for everyone.

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We are committed to walk with the children aged 4-17 years old through teachings, worship, quiet times and prayer. Our theme for the school is: “It starts in your heart” and we want to help our students connect their “brain knowledge” with their “heart knowledge” so that they can OWN what they learn and use it practically in their lives. The teaching follows most of the same topics as the DTS programs, where “Hearing God” is a foundational topic in our teaching. God does not have grandchildren and often we see that our students can hear God clearer than adults, because they have less filters to go through.

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What does a mini-DTS for kids look like?

The children will learn how to hear God’s voice, understand Jesus as a role model and God as our father. Plus, your children will have the privilege of guest speakers from around the world coming to the classroom to teach. This school gives the children the Truth in tangible ways they may have never heard before. The children will also be asked to bring school work from their “home school” for 30-45 minutes (depending on age) to work on in the classroom 4 days a week.

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Ministry Stories

Video from September quarter 2016

Video from September quarter 2016  ⋅  12/12/16

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Video from September quarter 2016

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Family time at Foundation School

Family time at Foundation School  ⋅  23/06/16

[caption id="attachment_8648" align="alignnone" width="300"] Teaching how families are protected by staying together. What happens if we choose to step away from the protection that God intended the family to be.[/caption]  
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Family time at Foundation School

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Room & Board (housing & food costs) for children attending Foundation School is as follows:

  • Age 4-5: $1,095
  • Age 6-11: $1,795
  • Age 12-17: $2,495

The rates above include fees for Foundation School.

For staff children and children living off campus, the cost is $600 per child per quarter.


Korean Foundation School


Wai'aha International Family School

The Learning Center

Enroll your child(ren)

Some time ago, the Lord challenged us through Isaiah 8:18, “Behold I and the children whom the Lord has given me are for signs and wonders in Israel for the Lord of Hosts…” We gained from this a deeper understanding of the call of God for families in mission work. It is our desire to develop the family as a missionary team. During the time spent in classes and living here on campus, parents and children grow spiritually and families are strengthened and encouraged to bond as a unit that can effectively minister to one another. From this strong foundation they are then able to minister to others within their sphere of influence.


It is necessary to complete the online application form to be consider as a student in Foundation School. Please be certain to meet all requirements exactly. To complete the application process for your child he/she needs to have a completed Health Form signed by a doctor. Your child must also have a Tuberculosis (TB) clearance from USA completed within one year of anticipated enrollment. If you are a student from a country outside USA, it can be done in Kona upon arrival. This is a requirement of the State of Hawaii. We suggest you bring an international immunization card or record of your child’s immunizations properly verified with signature, date, etc. This card may prove useful on outreaches and other international travels.

Children need to be 4 years old by the beginning of the quarter you are planning to attend. Children who are not toilet/potty-trained will not be admitted.

GRADES 1 – 12 (7 – 17 years old)

We present a blend of discipleship training materials and academics. We do not continue with the regular school subjects from the point at which each student left off prior to coming here. You must bring your own school work for 30-45 minutes of self study four days a week. We recommend that teens bring their own Math curriculum with them.
If you have questions, feel free to contact us at: foundation@uofnkona.edu.