About This Ministry

Founded in 2000, Holo Holo Ministries is dedicated to raising up the youth of Hawaii and southeast Asia to be all that Christ has created them to be. To mentor the next generation to become leaders with purpose and vision to impact and make a difference in their communities and throughout the world (Acts 1:8). We have been blessed to share God’s love in practical ways through serving in Hawaii, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Samoa, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, American Samoa, South Korea and Japan.


Seeing young people take the lead in proclaiming Christ among their peers.

Holoholo Ministries has a strong value of ‘ohana.  Meaning more than just family, ‘ohana is the recognition that the love of Jesus Christ is what binds us together as brothers, sisters, uncles, and aunties.

So much of the adventure lies in the people and journey itself. The heart of Holoholo is to equip and empower the next generation through the transformational power of Jesus Christ

For a list of more specific opportunities check out our “Ministry Activities” section below…

Staff Opportunities

DTS Staff

Our HoloHolo DTS run every January. Contact us if you are interested in joining our team!

Focus Nations

Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Samoa, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, American Samoa, South Korea, Japan.

Local Activities

Coaching, Pioneering Boys & Girls Clubs, Local Charity involvement, High School Tutoring

More Info

 Want to know more about one of our ministries? Email us at holoholodts@gmail.com

Ministry Activities

We are thrilled to provide classes and workshops for any community. Our members have taught at after school programs, churches, universities, youth groups, summer camps, television stations, and studios all over the world (Germany, USA, England, South Korea, France, Spain, etc.) We teach a variety of the arts from: Break-dance, HipHop, Ballet, Modern, Theater, Voice Training, Jazz dance… Find out how to book us to teach for your community or how to attend classes we are teaching.

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Our "Ohana"

Our Holoholo family extends far beyond our current staff and alumni.  It includes those who have partnered with us in the past “to know God and make Him known.” All of us from our Holoholo family, welcome you with warm aloha!


Community Outreach