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The Korean Foundation School is a Discipleship Training School (DTS) for the children of students at the University of the Nations (UofN) in Kona. Children will experience new culture and languages and will be prepared for the mission through various classes, community service, and field trips.

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The program includes subjects such as English as a Second Language, Science, History, Art, P.E., Music, and so on. However, the education models found here may not be the same as they are in Korea. Mathematics is a self-study subject so we recommend families bring math textbooks for their children to study.

As parents, you will be able to meet with friends and teachers from various nations and experience different cultures through your children. “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another, your children will grow both socially and intellectually. They will also acclimate to a variety of ethnic groups and the world.

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Foundation school information

Classes are separated into four age groups.

Pre-school: age 4-5*

Primary: age 6-8

Intermediate: age 9-11

Jr./Sr. High: age 12-17

All the classes are open for change according to total numbers of students or the age groups.

Room and board (food and living cost) for children in the Korean Foundation School are as follows:

Ages 4-5 $900.00

Ages 6-11 $1,800.00

Ages 12-17 $2,700.00

*It is mandatory to have a nanny for the children under 4.

* The Korean Foundation School is open twice a year; January and September.


Foundation School

Wai'aha International Family School

The Learning Center


Enroll your child(ren)

Some time ago, the Lord challenged us through Isaiah 8:18, “Behold I and the children whom the Lord has given me are for signs and wonders in Israel for the Lord of Hosts…” We gained from this a deeper understanding of the call of God for families in mission work. It is our desire to develop the family as a missionary team. During the time spent in classes and living here on campus, parents and children grow spiritually and families are strengthened and encouraged to bond as a unit that can effectively minister to one another. From this strong base they are then able to minister to others within their sphere of influence.


It is necessary to complete the enclosed application form (and 2 reference forms for children 12 years and older). Please be certain to meet all requirements exactly. Your child must have a Tuberculosis (TB) clearance completed within one year of anticipated enrollment. This is a requirement of the State of Hawaii. We suggest you bring an international immunization card or record of your child’s immunizations properly verified with signature, date, etc. in addition to the completed Health Form. This card may prove useful on outreaches and other international travel.

Preschool/Kindergarten children need to be 4 years old by the beginning of the quarter you are planning to attend. Children who are not toilet/potty-trained will not be admitted.

GRADES 1 – 12 (7 – 17 years old)

We present a blend of discipleship training materials and academics. We do not continue with the regular school subjects from the point at which each student left off prior to coming here. We have developed and use our own curriculum for English, Science, History and Geography. You may bring your own Math books or use the ones we provide. We recommend that teens bring their own Math curriculum with them.

Pray as a family and if you feel that this is God’s will at this time, be willing to lay down your children’s “regular” academic program for 3 to 5 months, just as you are laying down your own responsibilities for a season. (Please believe that as the child(ren), “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, all these things [including academic knowledge], will be added unto them.”

If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

Leaders : Mark and Christine Han
(253) 988-2173 or (253) 273-1245
email us : markhan4nations@gmail.com / hanchristineme@yahoo.com/  koreanfs@uofnkona.edu.

Download these Foundation School application forms:

Students aged 7-17

Students aged 4-6

Health form

Reference Form