About This Ministry

As a part of an international mission organization, we aspire to bring transformation to the nations through providing quality Christian education to the children of the world. We purpose to train teachers to reach the nations, and provide mobile and modular curriculum to be utilized around the world through the latest technology.


Through the Learning Center, children learn that every subject is designed by our creator. We utilize a variety of teaching methods to reach individual learning styles. We provide a Christian curriculum adapted to the missionary lifestyles of YWAM/UofN families that makes distant learning a viable option for families serving in the mission field.

Ministry Activities

Our goals for each child align with our foundational scripture 2 Peter 1:5-8

  • To develop a knowledge and understanding of how divine providence is involved in and impacts each subject and sphere of society.
  • To develop an understanding of all subjects through a biblical worldview.
  • To create an environment that is conducive to the discovery of, and release, of the potential and gifting of each student for the betterment of local and global societies.
  • To equip and facilitate the giftings of each child.
  • To enable each student to acquire a positive self-confidence in God.
  • To develop positive social behavior patterns in students.
  • To develop good health habits in individuals.


Wai'aha International Family School


Foundation School

Korean Foundation School