September 22, 2016

Before I came to DTS, I was very focused on my professional life. After the first year of working at a company, I decided to exclude God from my professional life. My non-Christian boss and colleagues were being mean because that’s “the way” you had to be in a working environment. After almost two years of doing so, I felt consumed that I wasn’t living for a meaningful purpose. I quit my job and came to DTS. The very first day of my DTS, Dan Baumann spoke about how, when he was 12 years old and throwing pebbles in a lake, God spoke to Him that He wanted to throw pebbles in the lake with Dan. He wanted to be included in everything in Dan’s life… BANG! That ministered to me right there! If God wanted to be included in throwing rocks with Dan, He even more wanted to be included in my professional life. By the end of DTS, I learned to lean on God 100% and to include Him at the very first hour of my day. Every day now I am using this good habit to include Jesus daily in everything that I do, because my life is worthy living for Him and with Him.


Irena – Albania