The Day Loren Cunningham's Family Almost…

The Day Loren Cunningham's Family Almost Died  ⋅  11/07/18

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Teaching at the Creative Media & Communication Course, YWAM founder Loren Cunningham recounted this life threatening story that none of…

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Shattered : Never ending grace and…

Shattered : Never ending grace and mercy  ⋅  22/06/18

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A Dot and Eternity

A Dot and Eternity  ⋅  02/06/18

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An Update on the Volcano

An Update on the Volcano  ⋅  21/05/18

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On Cloud Nine in the Marshall…

On Cloud Nine in the Marshall Islands  ⋅  19/05/18

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An (Extra)ordinary Trip to the DMV

An (Extra)ordinary Trip to the DMV  ⋅  14/05/18

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Just Say "Yes"

Just Say "Yes"  ⋅  04/05/18

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Birth of a New Generation

Birth of a New Generation  ⋅  27/04/18

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God's Plan for Miline Bay

God's Plan for Miline Bay  ⋅  20/04/18

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We Love Because He First Loved…

We Love Because He First Loved Us.  ⋅  13/04/18

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Bringing the Bible to Remote Peoples

Bringing the Bible to Remote Peoples  ⋅  09/03/18

We are blessed to be able to serve God through the generosity of others who have supported us through donations and supplies to help End Bible Poverty and see the good news of Jesus Christ transform families across the hundreds of islands in the Marshall Islands.
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Journeying With God

Journeying With God  ⋅  05/03/18

I didn’t choose music, it chose me – music makes me come alive.
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God’s Word is Going Farther

God’s Word is Going Farther  ⋅  23/02/18

500 unreached villages in India rapidly accepted the Gospel when missionaries first visited.
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21st Century Evangelism;Back to the Future

21st Century Evangelism;
Back to the Future  ⋅  16/02/18

Our challenge for the future will be how to effectively communicate God’s love to future generations.
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Absence of God

Absence of God  ⋅  09/02/18

Joe came to me one day looking very discouraged. He explained to me that he thought he should break his commitment to serve as a staff member in our Discipleship Training School. When I inquired as to the reason for his departure he explained to me, “I’m just dry. I don’t feel God anymore.” He proceeded to explain that his quiet times were dry, he didn’t get excited during worship…
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Is the Church (or whatever you…

Is the Church (or whatever you call it) uncool?  ⋅  05/02/18

By Danny Lehmann
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