There will not be another time in a woman’s life more intimate, more vulnerable, more surrender-demanding than childbirth. The moment a mother looks down at the child she’s birthed, the atmosphere shifts. It’s like the air she breathes is different: she is absolutely captivated by the life created inside of her, the life she’s welcomed into this world. It’s identical to the way God sees every person on earth. Every child born is His idea, created from love—Formed in His eyes, molded by His hands, crafted from His image, He is the One who understands the process of birth more than any person ever could. 

When I traveled to Africa in 2015 the Lord began to evoke a desire to minister to women around the world for the rest of my life. 

But what would that look like? 

I remember praying, asking, praying more, and asking more, “God, how can you heal women through me on the deepest level?” My time in Africa was ending, and I was sitting next to a fire talking to my friends about what we were doing next. Somehow, the conversation turned to the topic of women. Out of the blue, someone behind me said, “Midwifery is the greatest way a woman can reach not just another woman, but her entire family”. And it was done. The moment I heard that I knew that I needed to become a midwife. 

At that moment, the Lord had already been preparing me to become a midwife to the nations. 

I have received the most healing and revelation of God describing Himself as a mother. It reminds me that God is altogether masculine, yes, but He is altogether feminine as well. He understands me, and all women, in an unimaginable manner. How comforting is it to remember this truth: we can identify ourselves completely with God as women! 

In the Word, birth is mention everywhere! In the book of Exodus, midwives are mentioned in the first chapter, with the story explaining how two women, Shiphrah and Puah, loved the Lord and ultimately saved a threatened generation (Ex. 1:15-21). God is described countless times as a mother figure. He is compared to a comforting mother (Isaiah 66:13), a nursing mother (Isaiah 49:15), a mother bear (Hosea 13:8), and a woman in labor (Isaiah 42:14)—these are just a few! The Lord paints a picture through His eternal Word of how much trust and love He has in women. 

I grew up reading about the prophetess Deborah in Judges 4. It was only a few months ago that I realized that there is another Deborah mentioned in the Word: the nursemaid and midwife to Rebecca. This midwife was buried under the oak tree, deeply loved and honored by the family in the lineage of Christ. Helping to deliver and raise future heroes of the faith, Deborah was significant enough to be mentioned twice in the Word and lamented as a family member of Jacob. I believe God is calling women to be servants to mothers and daughters, transforming the bonds of servitude into deep relationships that will change and save the generations.  

In a time where women around the world are questioning their worth, identity, and beauty more than any time in history, I see God raising up midwives for the nations– equipped to deliver the next generation, breaking off generational sin and bringing the ties of the family back together through birth. Their strength is founded in worship, intercession, and faith-filled laughter. Fear knows the strength of a woman, and fear is the thief robbing destinies! Fear is the spirit that has overtaken birth all over the world, and it is more prevalent in today’s world than any other time. 

In America, there are states that have made it legal for a woman to have an abortion up to 24 weeks (six months). At this time, the baby’s face is fully formed, their lungs are fully developed, and they are beginning to become the most active in utero. ( 

In sub-Saharan Africa, where the maternal mortality rate is one of the highest in the world, a woman has a 1-in-16 chance of dying during childbirth. Conversely, for a woman in a developed country, such as the United Kingdom, there is only a 1-in-4000 chance of death. The differences in the maternal mortality rates between rich and poor countries, according to the World Health Organization, are the health indicator of the disparity between the two.

The 10 countries with the highest risk of maternal death, according to UNICEF, are Niger, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Chad, Angola, Liberia, Somalia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea-Bissau, and Mali. For every woman who dies, another 20 suffer illness or injury. (

 The Enemy knows there is a generation of women ready to step into destinies, and it scares him. Does he not want nothing more than for women to allow fear into the deepest parts of their bodies and souls? What could possibly be deeper than a human being knit together in the hidden place of the womb? 

This is why I must go. This is why we as women must begin to believe that it is time to rise. 

A few days ago, a friend of mine asked where I would be right now if I could go anywhere, and what I would be doing. There was no hesitation or doubt in my words or heart when I answered her, “I would be in the bush of Africa, in a village, living in my mud hut, delivering babies”. 

God loves the way we as women are. He loves our emotions, He loves the curves of our bodies, He loves every single thing about the way we think and the vulnerability we were made to show. If we as women weren’t created in complete perfection, He would not have said it was, “So good” in the Garden. And we must begin to believe this: God. Designed. Birth. He was the first One to think another human could ever possibly grow fully inside the womb of another human. 

Pregnancy is the physical manifestation of Holy Spirit breathing life into existence. Birth is one of the most powerful pictures of the cross. Birth is beautiful, birth is divine, birth is nothing short of a miracle, but most importantly, birth is normal. It is not something to be feared. It is how the generations have come since the beginning, and it is through women whom God decided it would be birthed from. He chose WOMAN to birth and raise the generations. It was through woman a Savior came to reverse the curse and bring freedom once and for all. 

The nations are ready for midwives, and I will not stop until I see the next generation birthed into this world standing on their floor, my generation’s ceiling. My heart’s cry is to not just fight for the nations with a song of intercession, but change whole family’s destinies through the way I serve the women whom the generations come from. 

Midwifery means “with woman”, and it’s a privilege to choose a life that is indeed just that: “with woman”.

Caitlin Lee

Caitlin is from the great state of Oregon. She did her DTS in Kona, Hawaii and recently graduated from the GoMidwife School in Kona in 2018.