Standing in line at the DMV, I overheard the annoyance of the many people waiting to be seen for over three hours. As I listened to others compare the amount of time they’d been waiting, I took a deep breath and mentally (emotionally too) prepared myself for a long and grueling wait.

As I stood in line, I scanned the sea of people with aggravated looks on their faces. Suddenly, a thought popped into my head, “What if I just started preaching the Gospel right now?” As I laughingly began to dismiss the crazy (out of character) thought, another thought popped into my head, “Oh no. What if this is a God thought?” 

My heart began to beat a bit faster, I became fidgety, and a conversation that I had that day began to convict me.

Earlier that morning someone had asked, “Adair, if God told you to tell someone something, would you do it?”
Admittedly, I responded with a bit of arrogance, “Well, if God told me to do it, then, of course, I would.” 

As that conversation replayed in my mind, I was next in line to grab my ticket. As soon as I got the ticket, I decided to go back to the parking lot and grab my Bible out of my moped. I figured that I had a long wait ahead of me. As I walked back I devised a plan in my head

“Okay, since I will be here for a while, I will sit down towards the middle of everyone and read my Bible. That way someone is bound to notice what I am reading and hopefully begin to ask me questions. Once they start asking questions, I will speak with enthusiasm, then hopefully more people will join in on the conversation, and then by the end, I will have shared the Gospel and have prayed for a few people.” 

The beginning of my plan went smoothly, I found a spot right in the middle of everyone and I opened my Bible. But then, all of a sudden, maybe ten minutes went by and my number was called! There had been people waiting for hours to be seen and I just so happened to be seen within ten minutes. Naturally, I thought, “Oh well, maybe that whole talking to people about Jesus thing wasn’t really from God. He probably wants me to get in and out fast so that I can go spend time with him somewhere else.”

The registration process went surprisingly fast. As soon as I walked through the double doors on my way out, I felt the tangible presence of God. The deep-seated conviction of knowing what I should do was stirred up inside of me. I began to linger. I knew that I was free to leave but I also knew that if left, I would be disobeying God and putting my own desire to not be embarrassed over His desire to encounter people.

“Okay God, I’ll do something. Who do you want me to go up to?” He highlighted a woman standing off to the side with her daughter. “What do you want me to say to her?”
“Just ask her if she’d like prayer for anything.”

I casually (maybe slightly awkwardly) walked up to this woman. I had no idea how she would respond. Timidly I introduced myself and told her how I felt that I was supposed to ask her if she’d like prayer for anything. Pleasantly surprised she said, “Oh wow! Are you going around to everyone and asking if they need prayer?”

Letting out a slight laugh I said, “No, actually I am way out of my comfort zone right now.” But then a thought popped into my head, “Maybe I should do that.”

Right before her ticket was called I had the privilege to bless Karen, her daughter, and pray for the rest of her family.

With a bit more confidence I approached several more people asking if they’d like prayer for anything. Mostly everyone said no until I reached a table where a man named George sat. He invited me to sit down. He expressed how much he appreciated me asking him if he’d like prayer. He then quieted himself, looked me in the eyes and said, “I am not supposed to be here. I am not even supposed to be alive.” I then looked up and noticed the deformed shape that his skull took. He had told me that he only has two-thirds of a brain.

He then began to pray for me, bless me, and thank God for this life. Despite this man’s circumstances and the fact that I asked him if he wanted prayer, he took the initiative to pray for me. I felt so honored and pleased to return the favor.

George’s prayer stirred up even more confidence within me. I began to boldly approach people and ask if anyone would like prayer.

After I had made my way to everyone there, I started walking back to my moped with a smile stretched across my face as I felt God’s pleasure over me. Halfway there I heard, “Hey! Hey you!”
I turned around and mouthed, “Me?”
“Yeah, you! Come here! What were you asking people back there?”
“Oh! I was asking if anyone would like prayer! Do you want prayer?”
“My mom said that you asked her something, but she couldn’t understand you because she doesn’t speak English. But she would love prayer!”

This girl brought her mom, Elsie, over to me and started translating—they are originally from Micronesia. I found out that Elsie had kidney stones and that she was in pain. Together we walked over to a secluded area and sat down in the shade. Believing for a miracle, I laid my hands on her side, and after praying three times, she became pain-free! 


I don’t need to be in another country nor on a planned outreach to see God move. Going to the DMV was just a mundane errand on my to-do-list. But what might seem like a chore for me, is seen as an opportunity to meet people where they are at for God.

Stepping out and risking looking like a fool is not easy. I definitely wrestle with that but am learning to be confident in the promptings God puts on my heart. After all, this life is short, and I along with every other person who has accepted Jesus into their hearts, hold the key to eternity.

This is everyday Christianity.

Adair Purner

 In 2016 Adair made the decision to put college on hold and pursue the call God has on her life by doing a Discipleship Training School in Kona, Hawaii. After her outreach to Cambodia, she desired to grow in her understanding of who God is by going back to Kona and enrolling in the three month Discipleship Bible School. Realizing the steadfast love and faithfulness of the Lord, she was ready to continue her education with the UofN by doing the Foundations for Counseling Ministries school. And later the School of Communications Foundation. Going through the process of inner healing and seeing the faithfulness of the Lord in her own life fueled a desire to bring healing and revelation to people across the nations! For fun Adair loves photography, writing, drawing, playing sports, and drinking a good cup of coffee with friends!