Benny Prasad came to visit us last week. He and his wife delighted us with their amazing gift of music playing for our campus last Thursday night. Benny did his DTS In Bangalore in India, then the School of Music and Missions in New Mexico, and the School of Event Management in Townsville, Australia. Through his music, Benny brings the Hope of God to thousands of people, traveling to 40 – 50 countries every year.

His core values are hearing the voice of God and put them into action. For example, in 2002 God gave him the vision, to travel to every country and finish 2010. He said: God, how can I travel the world with US 25 as my support? God said: I will provide! And Benny said, Ok, and he started to travel the world, and in 2010 he traveled the last country that was Pakistan, and broke 6 World Records for been the fastest one in accomplish, and went to 254 nations in 6 years an a half. During this time, he was able to perform his music in every country and spread the gospel of Jesus Resurrected with passion. All the Glory to Jesus!

Benny says: “You don´t need to be 50 or 60 years old to sit down and get serious with God to discover the call in your life. I was 16 years when I contemplated committing suicide,  because of my illness and really didn´t have any hope for my Life. I heard the voice of God, and told me, Benny, that even though you are called useless I still want you and I can transform your life and make you a new person. I gave my broken life in the hands of Jesus, he transformed me, gave me the vision to travel around the world, gave me the idea to design the world’s best bongo guitar, and it´s so exciting, that at this young age I could give my life to Jesus. I will never trade the call to anything else of this world. As a young boy or girl, I just want to challenge you, is to you give your life and seek God what he wants you to do, with the call, and go and spread the good news of Jesus. I could never trade the call of God that He has given compared to the achievements that the world could ever offer.”

Benny was born on 6th August 1975, in Bangalore, India. But this was not a promising start. He suffered from severe asthma which required him to take cortisone steroids from which he developed rheumatoid arthritis, 60 % lung damage and an immune system regular failing him, which threatens his life even to this day.

But after he believed in Jesus, and decided to respond to his calling, from being the shame of his family, Benny went on to be their pride. God’s power brought the most powerful change his life. Before this transition, he had displayed no interest or ability in music. But from that moment to the present, he has performed before PRESIDENTS AND PARLIAMENTS, CULTURAL STAGES OF THE 2004 OLYMPIC GAMES AND THE 2006 FIFA WORLD CUP.