The best way to End Bible Poverty is to give away Bibles! Recent YWAM Kona teams have targeted Asia for distribution of printed and digital Bibles in the languages of local peoples.

CHIANG RAI, THAILAND // A recent DTS team spent two weeks in Chiang Rai, Thailand distributing bibles. Prior to distributing the bibles, the team showed a one-minute video about how to read and study the Bible. As a result, those receiving bibles were excited to begin reading the Word of God. The team was thrilled to see how impactful their video was as a discipling tool.

CAMBODIA // A YWAM Kona team also distributed audio Bibles on SD cards in Cambodia. “We were walking in the streets and we asked some tuk-tuk drivers if we could pray for them. Five drivers accepted prayer. We asked them if they would like an audio Bible and each one said “Yes”. One of the drivers plugged it into his speakers. He turned it on so loudly you could hear it blocks away, even over the sound of Buddhist monks chanting in the temples. As a result, another driver gave his life to Jesus! It was amazing to see their reaction to hearing the Word of God in their own language.

NEPAL // Another outreach team traveling in Nepal showed the Jesus film. In the first village, Engoti, 200 people gathered to watch. The team spent time with many people there, building relationships and sharing about Jesus. The following day, they split into two groups and went into the village to give Bibles to people they had met the night before at the film event. Every person they spoke with received a Bible. For those who couldn’t read, the team gave an audio Bible on SD card. They met a woman who had difficulty breathing because of asthma and prayed for her. They heard from the Lord that she was gripped with a fear of death. The Christian Nepali person who was translating for us was able to share her testimony of faith with the woman, telling her how she had been Hindu before, but now she follows Jesus. After many questions, the woman started crying. She asked, “How can I have a relationship with this Jesus?” With help from the translator, the Nepali woman received Jesus and suddenly she was able to breathe normally, Hallelujah!

Author: Joel Rogers

Joel leads the School of Communication Foundations as well as Innovision Studio and has been on staff with YWAM Kona since 2009. Contact: e-mail – FB – insta