We are simply a family of four; Scott, Katie, Nick (15) and Sydney (13), who are seeing miracles from saying “YES!” to God.  Our “Yes” has been to step literally onto the water (in a sailboat) and move to the Marshall Islands to share the good news of Jesus Christ to islands large and small across the Pacific.

In April of 2013 we did Family DTS at the University of the Nations in Kona, Hawaii.  We knew God wanted us to be prepared to do ministry full-time so we kept praying where God wanted us.  We joined YWAM Ships in August of 2013 and have been with them since. During our first year we were part of a three-month outreach on a sailboat called the “Hawaii Aloha.”

During this time serving together as a family, we knew God was calling us to this.  Even the kids loved it!

I got to play concerts with the band we formed in DTS and recorded an album for the first time. Outreach was my first tour. We played in Eastern European clubs, bars, a university, radio stations, TV studios and eventually in the national theater!


Our daughter, Sydney, told Brett Curtis, the Director of YWAM Ships, “I was born to sail!”

We knew then that God had a plan for us to do ministry and that it would involve a sailboat.  What we didn’t know is how this would come to pass, but our God is a big God and He had the plans already figured out.  Over the next year, God provided the boat and we left Kona in April 2015 sailing for the Marshall Islands.

We have been in the Marshall Islands for a year now, and it has been an amazing adventure of what God can do when a family of four says yes to Him.  We live on a 57’ sailboat called Cloud Nine. We partner with YWAM Ships and one of the main ministries we do is to reach out to the isolated in the Outer islands by bringing them Bibles, Medical and Dental supplies, food, and clothing.  We perform free Medical clinics and, when we have specialists, like a nurse who specializes in diabetes, we take them to the outer islands where they can help educate and treat to see an end to this disease common to the islands.

Recently we went to the islands of Wotho and Ujae in the Marshall islands.  Wotho has a population of 86 people in 16 households and Ujae a population of 397 people in 74 households.  During our time here, we performed Health clinics, health education, and distributed goods including a Bible to every household.  We are happy to say that we have ended Bible poverty on Wotho Atoll and Ujae Atoll!

We only have another 26 atolls consisting of over 1000 more islands to go.  One of the elders on Wotho said, “By bringing Bibles you have filled a hole in our lives, now we can grow closer to Christ by reading his word.”

We feel blessed as a family to be doing God’s work in the Marshall Islands and will continue to do his work as long as he allows.  We are blessed to be able to serve God through the generosity of others who have supported us through donations and supplies to help End Bible Poverty and see the good news of Jesus Christ transform families across the hundreds of islands in the Marshall Islands.



Scott & Katie Suderno did Family DTS and Now they are serving at YWAM Ships in Kona Hawaii.