God’s love is a beautiful thing. But what are the lengths we would go to to spread God’s love? Is there a place we won’t go or a person we won’t talk to? Even if it’s the darkest place or the hardest person?

Dan Baumann and a friend spent two weeks in Iran doing missionary work. Leaving the country and remembering all the great times they had with the Iranian people, they were stopped at the border.

Six hours after giving their passports to the border guard, a man came back to tell them there was a problem with the passports and they needed to come with him immediately. Wondering what could be wrong, they hesitantly agreed to go. They were almost home-free. What was stopping them?

Dan was separated from his friend and taken into a room in a government building where he was beaten for six hours. When they were finished, they took him into a basement, gave him prison clothes, and threw him in a cell.



He was utterly hopeless. The only thing he could depend on was God’s character and the idea He might provide a miracle to get him out of prison.

The next day, a man took him into a room. It was dark and bloodstains covered the floor. The man who brought him in began beating him relentlessly. This happened day after day, week after week, until one day, God challenged Dan to love the man who was beating him.

He said, “Dan. Ask me what I think about this man.”

Dan replied, “Okay God. What do you think of this man?”

God opened Dan’s eyes, showing him how He saw this man. He began to speak about how much he loved this man from the beginning and how much he loved his family.

“Love this man,” He said.

In the middle of one of his beatings, Dan stood up from the floor and said to the man, “If you’re going to beat me every day for the rest of my life, let’s become friends.”

“What is your name?” he asked as he stretched out his hand for a handshake.

A look of confusion came across the interrogator’s face, and he cautiously looked around the room. Eventually, he reached his hand out and said, “My name is Razok. I would very much like to become friends with you.”

That was the last day they saw each other. Not long afterward, Dan was set free.

If we step out in radical, unexpected acts of  Godly love, we can change the world. How can you love your enemy today?

Author: Grant Kurili

Grant Kurili has been part of YWAM for three years and has studied with the School of Writing in Kona, Hawai’i. He is currently serving as part of the Communications Department at YWAM Kona.