Sometimes we want the big things, but when it really happens we don’t know what to do…we have a huge opportunity in our face, a door wide open…our corporate destiny is to disciple the nations” said Paul Childers during a Thursday night meeting in the Ohana Court.

In January of last year the Minister of Development of Papua New Guinea asked YWAM MSA and UofN Kona if they would establish a University of the Nations Campus in Alotau, Papua New Guinea. Since then, 660 participants have been trained through introductory seminars and many international teams are flying into Alotau to connect with the surrounding communities for their outreach!

Last year, UofN Kona had the privilege of hosting YWAM Alotau staff member Julie Kara. Julie is so full of life! Best characterized by her determination and courage to dream big, she is willing to do anything and sacrifice everything to bring Heaven to her nation.

Julie first heard about YWAM when she was nineteen years old and immediately she wanted to be apart of it. However, it wasn’t until age twenty-two, when God had called her to be a missionary, that she decided to join YWAM!

Julie decided to move to Mt. Hagan, Papua New Guinea to do her DTS in 2008. Upon finishing her DTS, she then staffed and lead her first outreach to India. In 2010, she worked with another DTS that focused on law and later in the year she did a Biblical Core Course—all of which was challenging, yet enjoyable. Those years began to ground her in the Truth. Julie continued building her foundation in truth as she started to work with an evangelism team in 2011 and staffing the Bible Core Course in Bangladesh in 2012.

It was when she was in Bangladesh that God spoke to her about His heart for her nation, Papua New Guinea. God told her to go back to Papua New Guinea because He was going to give her a husband and a new job—to train and mobilize young people to go out into the nations.


On her return to Papua New Guinea Julia crossed paths with James Kara, a man with a burning desire for Jesus. The two hit it off right away and within a month they were married and starting a new journey together with Christ; “He got married to a woman that doesn’t sit in the house but wants to focus on ministry.” Julia exclaimed!

As the YWAM Alotau Campus developed, Julie joined staff and helped facilitate different introductory seminars and outreach teams. During this process, Julie had it on her heart to build up a Children Ministry. It was when she participated in the Educating for Life program that God really challenged her and gave her the confidence to step forward in pursuit of the ministry. Now there are 35 children attending each day! Julie’s heart is to see each child experience a proper education from the beginning.

God’s heart is for the YWAM Alotau campus! The hope is that this future University of the Nations Campus will give locals the chance to have access to degrees and the opportunity to know God and grow in character.

This is why Julie serves in her home nation, to give hope and to help her people.

This year YWAM Alotau will continue to host more introductory seminars, outreach teams, and development projects.

Currently, there are only 2 staff. If you have a heart and passion to volunteer in Papua New Guinea or to join them on staff, get in touch through their Facebook Page at

Soyanne Muzard

Soyanne Muzard did her Crossroads DTS in Kona, Hawaii 2017. She is now serving as staff with the Communications department at YWAM Kona.