Ken and Linda Helser sat and listened to the gynecologist explain to how Linda was developing uterine cancer and would need to have her reproductive organs surgically removed. It was a somber moment, but they thought they could handle it since they already had two daughters and Ken was worried that his history with drugs could hurt any baby they might try to have.

But God’s plans are always better than our own. A man called Ken and told him that he had a word from the Lord for him.

He went on to explain how he had been talking God the night before and God interrupted him with this: “I have a message for you to send to my servant Ken Helser. Tell him I have healed his seed. He is to have a son named Jonathan David, who will play the harp, sing like an angel, and write prophetic songs that will go around the world.”

Ken was crushed. How could they have a child when the hysterectomy was only two weeks away? “Is this You, Lord?” Ken asked.

And at that moment, God planted in him a deep desire to have a son. So he went back to his wife and told her all that had happened. They prayed together and he anointed her with oil.


Doctors said Jonathan Helser would never be born… [story]

“from my mother’s womb.. You had chosen me…” Ken Helser shared recently at #ywamkona that according to doctors, his son – world renowned worship leader Jonathan Helser – should never have lived. Jonathan’s mom had cancer and was just weeks from a hysterectomy but a word from God changed everything! Hear the first hand story of how God changed this family and gave voice to a new generation of worshippers. #ywamkonamusic #bethelmusic #jonathanhelser #jonathandavidhelser #worship

Posted by YWAM Kona on Thursday, August 11, 2016


Three days before the scheduled hysterectomy, they went back to the gynecologist for another test to be done. When it was completed the doctor came back to them whistling all the way down the hall. He said the pathologist was baffled after consulting the test three times, claiming, “This is not the same woman.” She was completely healed.

And so the couple became pregnant and gave birth to Jonathan David. He grew up not knowing of the prophecy spoken over him before he was born.

One day, nineteen-year-old Jonathan David went up to his dad and asked him to teach him a few guitar chords. Ken eagerly agreed, and not long after, sent his son to a DTS in England with a guitar.

Not long after, Ken went to visit his son in England. He got to hear some of the songs Jonathan David had written during the short time he was gone. The songs blew him away. They had a level of authority he hadn’t heard before.

Now those songs continue to go forth. Jonathan David Helser and his wife Melissa have changed the hearts of many with their music, fulfilling God’s promise to Ken.

Author: Grant Kurili

Grant Kurili has been part of YWAM for three years and has studied with the School of Writing in Kona, Hawai’i. He is currently serving as part of the Communications Department at YWAM Kona.