As a ski racer, I sustained many injuries to my neck. The more injuries I had the more timid I was to race. I had a fear of falling. This fear most certainly held me back from my full potential in the sport. It shaped me to be a tentative skier—despite my natural competitive and fierce personality on the athletic field.


During a a training session, I was holding back more than usual. As I finished skiing the course, my coach turned to me and said, “You’re really sucking tonight, Adair.” My competitive and fierce personality began to boil up within me. At this point, all I wanted to do was prove her wrong. I also wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.  


I made my way to the chairlift and eventually to the top of the course. Full of emotion I stared down the hill. I had recently accepted Jesus into my life so I thought I would try something new, trust Him. Before I kicked off, I handed my fear to Him.


I pushed out of the gate with all the strength and tenacity I could muster. I got to the end of the course having finished the best run of my life.


From that night on, I asked my coach to continue provoking my competitive side, but more significantly, before each race, I prayed. I recognized that God was with me even in the sport of ski racing. I recognized that he was my sole supply of strength. I recognized that I could trust Him.


I raced for about eight years. It was the last year of my career that I let go of fear. Stripping myself of fear resulted in me reaching my potential.


This time in my life was simply an introduction into a lifetime of trusting God and letting go of fear. Fear holds us back from giving our most sincere and wholehearted ‘yes’ to whatever God has called us to.


Where is fear holding you back?

Author: Adair Purner

In 2016 Adair made the decision to put college on hold and pursue the call God has on her life by doing a Discipleship Training School in Kona, Hawaii. After her outreach to Cambodia, she desired to grow in her understanding of who God is by going back to Kona and enrolling in the three month Discipleship Bible School. Realizing the steadfast love and faithfulness of the Lord, she was ready to continue her education with the UofN by doing the Foundations for Counseling Ministries school. And later the School of Communications Foundation. Going through the process of inner healing and seeing the faithfulness of the Lord in her own life fueled a desire to bring healing and revelation to people across the nations! For fun Adair loves photography, writing, drawing, playing sports, and drinking a good cup of coffee with friends!