(1 John 4:19)
Putting an End to Orphan Crisis


The leaders of University of the Nations asked these questions:
What if it became normal for every Christian family to adopt a child?
What if it became abnormal not to adopt?


With three children of their own, Mike and Mandy Gallagher’s hearts broke at the sight of orphans with special needs.

When Mike and Mandy had their first experience adopting Hannah, an American born Chinese girl with Spina Bifida, the organization Chosen & Dearly Loved came to life!

Chosen & Dearly Loved is a Christian organization that seeks to meet the spiritual, physical, and financial needs of families wanting to adopt vulnerable orphaned children.

There are 153 million orphans around the world. Unfortunately, that number continues to rise as the adoption rate decreases. The children least likely to be adopted are those with special needs, such as Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Spina Bifida, limb deformity, loss of hearing, or loss of sight.


The goal of Chosen & Dearly Loved is to put an end to the orphan crisis.

Once a Home Study is completed and a family has been matched with a child, the family often needs to fundraise in order to bring the child home. As an incentive, the organization provides matching grants to families who are raising funds to adopt. This motivates communities to rally around these families in their fundraising efforts!

Families work with an adoption agency that connects them to the countries they wish to adopt from. Up to eighty-percent of the children are coming from of China, with the remaining twenty-percent coming from Ukraine, Bulgaria, India, and Africa.

Chosen & Dearly Loved is passionate about supporting each family throughout the entire process of adoption. The organization desires to provide services before, during, and after adoption.

An example of one of these services is providing scholarships for families to attend conferences focused on equipping parents for adoption and raising an adopted child.

A core value of Chosen & Dearly Loved is supporting organizations that care for orphans around the world. The organization focuses on preserving family and providing resources, such as training to allow parents to keep their children instead of abandoning them due to the inability to support a child.

In America, there are 400,000 children waiting be adopted! The Church has delegated this role and authority to government—the Foster System is broken. The heart of the Father is that every child receives the love and care from a family. The heart of the University of the Nations is to create a culture aligned with God’s heart. We believe that for this matter, the Church is the solution, if we just respond to God’s cry.

Chosen & Dearly Loved has supported 160 families. In the last three years, it has helped 200 children come home to their forever family.


To hear Mike and Mandy’s testimony, please click on the link below:


If you are interested in contacting the Director of Adoption Grants & Family Support, you can write to Catherine Theriault: catherine.t@chosenanddearlyloved.org



Soyanne Muzard did her Crossroads DTS in Kona, Hawaii 2017. She is now serving as staff with the Communications department at YWAM Kona.