“The year 2001 was about the worst year in his life,” Samuel says, “I was the only one employed in my family and I had to keep the boat floating, but I made a decision to walk out my faith even more in that year. I wanted to be more intentional in my faith and give back to God the best of my life.” Though he had a full nine-to-five work day, he was determined to maximize on any opportunity he had to fellowship and serve at his church. At one point, he applied to serve in the Brazilian army. “I thought if I were accepted, then I would have an opportunity to be sponsored for university, while providing more for my family, but my application was declined. I was thinking about my future and at that time the idea of doing missions was becoming more strong in my heart, I wanted to know more about it.”

Samuel didn’t know much about Youth With A Mission except that his brother had been involved in the King’s Kids Ministry, and later experienced a major life change during a Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Brazil. The changes he saw in his brother’s life compelled Samuel to start a journey that would allow him to experience radical growth in his own relationship with the Lord.

As he prayed, he heard the Lord saying “you’re not going back”, but he still had no clue what it meant…

Samuel Henrique is a cool-looking Brazilian guy from Belo Horizonte. He’s usually well-shaved except when he’s serving in remote places around the world where he might not have access to such luxuries as a shaver and mirror. He serves with a ministry at the YWAM Kona campus called Trailblazers, that has impacted the lives of hundreds of youths from around the world. But, it didn’t start there.

It was a tough decision, but he said “yes” to doing the DTS and things started getting better. His father got a good job. God was answering prayers.

A turn of events took place and God used it to provide for Samuel in an unusual way. He was fired from his job, but actually received some benefits and enough money which helped him with payments for the DTS. One day he met with his pastor to pray about his plans. During the prayer, for the first time, he felt God in a very different way. He says,  “I heard a voice saying to me, “you’re not coming back”. This didn’t make sense because his main reason for going to the DTS was to get trained and return to help his church. He asked his pastor to help him understand what he heard during the prayer time. His pastor said, “Just go and don’t worry about it.”

He arrived at DTS a few days early because he got the wrong date, but this allowed him to have some quiet time with the Lord and God spoke again saying, “You’re not going back.”

During the DTS he was really impacted by the book, A Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards. Through it, he realized how much God wanted to shape his character, just as He did in the life of King David. He said, “It really showed me David’s heart and how He chose to please God in the decisions he made. He knew what he did wasn’t in his strength, but God’s strength and wasn’t worried any more about people’s opinion of Him but rather what God said.” The principles he learned through the book helped him to stay focused on God.

He continued with a second book by Jim Stier, called “Against All Odds” which tells the story of how YWAM started in Brazil. “As I read, my heart was filled with excitement. There were many stories of  miracles and testimonies that encouraged me on how God would provide and guide me through the process as I said “yes” to stepping out in missions.”



Samuel never thought he would be able to do missions, he never really thought he would be traveling, and helping to lead and equip others in such significant ways. “I’m the guy who usually try to stay behind the scenes,” he says. But over the years God has used him to pioneer various projects in YWAM in other campuses in Brazil, as well as traveling around the world to remote villages, sending and accompanying teams to serve among the nations.

Samuel believes in going far together with others to help them in their journey of “Knowing God and Making Him Known.” Coming to YWAM Kona was another great step in the next season of ministry the Lord had in store for him. “I am honored to help others find their own calling in God and to serve among the poor and disenfranchised of our world.”

Author: Teko Bailey

Teko is a graduate of the University of the Nations and serves as a volunteer staff member of the Innovision Studio ministry at YWAM Kona, Hawaii.