New technology is providing exciting ways to End Bible Poverty and YWAM Kona’s DTS teams are utilizing many of these as they go to the Nations.  DTS outreach teams were recently sent to Uganda and South Sudan (the world’s newest nation), Nepal, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, and Fiji. In addition to evangelism, a huge focus for the teams was to End Bible Poverty.  The best way to End Bible Poverty is to give away Bibles!  In developing nations we find we are often providing people the very first book they have ever owned.

UGANDA // The DTS team showed the Jesus Film forty-five times in Uganda. The most memorable showing was in the “Rhino Refugee camp”, where more than 100 refugees from Sudan gathered to watch the film. “We loved doing door to door evangelism, inviting people to come and watch the Jesus film later that night. Inviting people to a movie gave us a greater desire to go door to door. When we first started the movie, maybe five or ten people came out… next thing you know, the entire camp (100-200), showed up!

For some of the people, the Jesus film was the first movie they had ever seen!! When Jesus rose from the grave, everyone clapped! We paused the movie when Jesus was crucified to explain what happened in more detail. After it was over, we preached the Gospel and invited people to receive Jesus and be prayed for. Showing people the story of Jesus in their own language opened so many hearts to the Gospel. Most people who watched the Jesus film asked for a Bible.

All the Bibles we gave away were SD cards with the Bible translated into the spoken Word. They would put the card in their mobile phone and their face would light up as they heard the Gospel in their heart language.”

PNG // In Papua New Guinea, a YWAM Kona DTS team spent most of their two month outreach in rural villages on the main island. Where ever they went, the locals would gather initially out of curiosity. But once they understood, they were hungry for the Word and the team was able to distribute many audio Bibles. They gave one to a young disabled boy named Joel and his family who had never had a Bible before. He and his family loved hearing the Word in their native tongue.

Author: Joel Rogers

Joel leads the School of Communication Foundations as well as Innovision Studio and has been on staff with YWAM Kona since 2009. Contact: e-mail – FB – insta