Outreach Finance Mobile App

Instructions – Please read these instructions before proceeding.

This form is to be filled out ONCE PER TEAM – i.e. 1 submission per team, which will include ALL the needed users of the mobile app for your outreach team.

So before you start, you need the name, email address and phone type of all anticipated users.
You will also need to know the starting and ending dates of your outreach and the countries your team will be ministering in.

If you are a school leader or school finance administrator, and you would like to request access to the back-end system to view your outreach teams, click here.

Special note for Apple / iPhone / iPad users: in order to download the mobile app, a redemption code is needed. The mobile app is not available on the general App Store. This redemption code is only good for U.S. Apple users. If you are a Non-U.S. Apple user, you can try to change your App Store country to the United States. Alternatively, set up a new U.S. based Apple ID, or as a third option, have your outreach team purchase an inexpensive Android phone for the outreach. There are no restrictions on downloading the mobile app for Android users. These restrictions are applied by Apple.