Hey, my name is

Erwin Jadraque


I want to influence young people towards Jesus. I want to meet them where they’re at. I am using my creativity on Tiktok, Instagram, getting involved in music, culture and fashion so people can meet Jesus. 

YWAM gave me the opportunity to lead and championed me as a young person. They put me in the drivers seat.

Hey, my name is

Erwin Jadraque


Chosen pathway


DTS & Staff

Found my faith and I grew in leadership because someone believed in me!


Calling All Skaters & YWAM Barcelona Art School

Developed creativity. Combined my love for Jesus and skateboarding. I learned to be honest with myself. You need to be you.


Media Director for Calling All Skaters Barcelona

I learned the media world, YouTube and how marketing works. I learned how to lead others.


Messengers Track & Skate Night

I learned how to preach the gospel. I learned how to lead a ministry. I’m using all the gifts I’ve developed to reach young people.

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