A Group of monthly donors bringing Jesus to every home on Earth.

The Ohana, which means family, is a faithful group of monthly donors dedicated to empowering young people to bring Jesus to every home on earth.

Our Work 2018-2020

Throughout history, God has always used individuals that simply obey his word to change the world. For 60 years YWAM has been empowering young people to hear God's voice. With simple faith and a commitment to obey, these young leaders are changing lives.

1,015,625 Bibles distributed
365,788 Gospel Seeds Sown
150,054 Decisions for Christ
19,224 Felt Needs Met
6,770 Physical Healings
515 Ministries Partnered With


There was a woman in Mongolia named Altant-set-seg who had been a Christian for five years, but she had never owned a Bible. Whenever she wanted to read the Bible, she would have to go over to a friend’s house to read theirs. While doing Bible distribution in her small town in August of 2019, we were able to give Altant-set-seg her very first full Bible – and in her heart language. As soon as it reached her hands, her face lit up as the desire to have her own Bible was just fulfilled!

// Testimony from Mongolia

Global Impact.

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2018 Outreaches
2019 Outreaches

The Power of Young People.

Erwin, Luke and Frenchie all had two things in common. They loved to skate and Jesus flipped their lives upside down. In 2018 they heard God tell them to gather local skaters in their community on Friday nights. So they built a couple ramps and told everyone to show up. Each week they'd skate for a couple hours and then share the gospel. They've seen 70 people give their lives to Jesus. That's what happens when you empower young people.

There is coming a day when everyone on earth will know about Jesus. YOU can be a part of that incredible moment.

There's an answer to our world's greatest needs in every young person that comes to YWAM. Invest in the next generation and empower them to follow God with all their heart.

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