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Spend the next two years with a Jesus-centered community. Discover the beauty of Jesus with your friends. Learn all about God’s world. Step into your your destiny and calling as a messenger of his love. Carry the love of Christ and be an instrument of change. 

YWAM Kona’s University of the Nations offers transformational two year Associates Degrees*. Every degree is loaded with experiences which will challenge your thinking, stretch your heart, and help you discover your calling. Travel the world, wrestle with injustice, seek out God’s heart, and engage with creative solutions to real-world problems.

*A UofN Associate Degrees require 84 credits. Many Discipleship Training Schools are less than 24 weeks, thus less than 24 credits. Click here to see how many you already have. You may get additional credits by registering in an accredited seminar, or transfer credits from another institution.


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We want our training to be accessible to all, which is why we are excited to offer the University of the Nations Kona Degree tuition credit, which brings the cost of every lecture phase down to a rate of $3000 per quarter for degree students, offering a significant savings over the stand-alone cost of all our schools. The rate includes the cost of food and housing on the YWAM Kona Campus.

The University of the Nations Kona Degree tuition credit is available to all students who:

• Commit to completing their University of the Nations degree

• In good ongoing financial standing with YWAM Kona

• Abide by the YWAM Kona Student Code of Conduct

• Have achieved a passing grade in all previous YWAM Kona schools

• Have committed to complete 4 courses and a field assignment with YWAM Kona within 2 years

This tuition credit is not stackable with any other scholarship or discount for which a student may be eligible.


The foundation of transformation is Jesus. Become a catalyst for change as you ground yourself in knowing and experiencing Jesus, his truth, his perspective on all of creation, and his intentions and purposes for engaging with his world. The three UofN Core Courses are designed to lay the foundation for a new generation of reformers. All three core courses are required as part of the Foundational Associate of Arts degree with University of the Nations.

The Discipleship Bible School. Take a journey of discovery through the Bible, going deep into the Scriptures, encountering God’s love, and learning his character and nature throughout the Scriptures.

The Humanities Core Course Discovery God’s heart for his world, his intentions for peoples and nations throughout history, and giving you tools to apply Biblical truth to every area of society.

The Communication Foundations School We have message that brings reformation, but the word has to get out. Creatively and effectively express the love of Jesus as you learn how to communicate God’s heart to God’s world.  


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THE UNIVERSITY OF THE NATIONS IS NOT ACCREDITED BY AN ACCREDITING AGENCY RECOGNIZED BY THE UNITED STATES SECRETARY OF EDUCATION.  Admission to the University of the Nations (U of N) and any of its sponsored programs is open to qualified individuals regardless of race, color, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, and educationally unrelated handicaps. U of N reserves the right to change schedules and course offerings as deemed necessary.

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