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Explore Aquaponics with us, and learn how to grow a garden without soil, where food is free of chemicals, and no weeds grow. These systems allow you to work at waist high level with minimum energy exertion. Your vegetables can grow faster and at higher densities compared to traditional soil gardening.


Grow it. Build It. Share it with others.

Get equipped in natural farming, nutrition essentials, construction basics, aquaponics, water and sanitation technologies, permaculture design, renewable energy, and biblical-based community development principles. Get hands-on experience within YWAM Kona’s Natural Farm Training Center and Appropriate Technology Village.

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Tuition only $175 USD

Guests: Tuition plus campus accommodations for 12 days – $679 USD

$20 campus seminar registration fee that is due upon application.

Campus accommodations is available at the rate of $40 per day.




No prerequisites required. Open to attendees who have completed high school.

Two UofN credits (SCI 172) available toward degree requirements .

In accordance with State Law, all students and student children must present proof of age appropriate vaccinations in order to attend any program at the University of the Nations—YWAM Kona. Please click here for the vaccination requirements.


Aquaponics system design and construction

Evaluating water quality and nutrient stream

Selecting suitable fish and plant species for aquaponics

Fish health management

Plant health management

Fish and plant harvesting

How can aquaponics be an effective tool for helping individuals, families and communities develop a sustainable food supply, and open doors for entrepreneurship?

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Our Life Empowering Technology and Science Department has great opportunities for you to get growing and build up your Sustainable Technology skills:


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Participate in our Stewardship and Sustainability School a quarter-long practical course with an emphasis on Food, Energy, Water and Shelter. Then, get additional hands-on experience through an outreach opportunity with our YWAM Partners in the developing world!


Join our Team!

Get growing with the Life Empowering Technology and Science Department (LETS) at UofN Kona. We are an international team of individuals with a variety of interests, skills, and experience. Our heart is about sharing the “Practical Gospel” — helping families and communities encounter the love of God, and get empowered through Sustainable Technology!


Don Rogers

The Life Empowering Technologies and Science Department (LETS) is a team of individuals with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences in community development and appropriate technology – agriculture, engineering, construction, medical and health care, and other applied sciences.

We embrace the power of the Gospel to restore communities and nations so they may reflect the heart of the Father, the mind of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

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