Foundations For Revival and Reformation is a second-level program that brings together students, scholars, leaders, and practitioners. It exists to combine thought, encounter, and action to advance the Kingdom of God in the earth. We believe that training through biblical teaching, a Christ-centric worldview, and God-inspired modes of communication through action will lead people to walk into significant impact for the Kingdom.

The Foundations For Revival and Reformation program teaches current and future leaders the foundations and the skills necessary to be effective in your calling to any sphere of society and any nation. We desire to foster and pioneer bold new ideas and create space for you to deepen your relationship with God.

Join us in this endeavor. Expand the frontiers of your understanding and skill-set, and make a difference in global society!



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The Foundations For Revival and Reformation is a 9-month program divided into three areas of focus. The morning class will be attended by all, followed by 11 afternoon elective tracks.


Introductory Bible Course


Deepen your foundations of study, context, technique and give students tools for a life long study and application of the Word of God!


Worldview: Shaping Culture & the Spheres


Grow in your understanding our world and how to live and impact society with a Biblical and Christ-centric worldview!


Communication & Advocacy


Be trained in various forms of communication. Learn how to take revelation and Scripture and communicate it through a variety of mediums to impact the world around us.

School Date



Sept 26th, 2019 – Jun 26th, 2020


Application: $50

Lecture: $3,000 per quarter if student is enrolled in a 2-year degree program. $3,995 per quarter otherwise.

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A successfully completed DTS.

Any children under 4 must have a nanny, those 4 and up can attend Foundation School. Please confirm child’s admission to Foundation School.

Foundations for Revival & Reformation consists of three University of the Nations core curriculum courses that can lead to an AA Degree.

If you’ve already done your DTS and/or taken some UofN Courses, click here to see how many credits you have.


Meet the School Directors

Andy Byrd

Andy and his wife Holly have dedicated their lives to spiritual awakening in a generation. They work with a group of life long friends committed to consecrated community, Christ-centered living, revival, and cultural reformation. Andy is part of the leadership of University of the Nations, YWAM Kona and has been with YWAM for 19 years.

Andy and Holly have helped to pioneer Fire and Fragrance ministries and the Circuit Rider Movement. One of the greatest delights of their lives is their five children Asher, Hadassah, Rhema, Valor and Chanel.

David Hewitt

David and his wife Mari have devoted their lives to the mission field for more than 30 years. Frontier Missions and Training are where David’s passions lie. He earned a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies at UofN and then spent 18 years in Asia using that gained knowledge with his wife at his side.

While living on the Tibetan Plateau, God began to put the idea for this 9-month course into his heart. He is now in Kona to train an emerging generation in God’s ways and send them out!


Elective Tracks

The purpose of these afternoon tracks are to train and equip students within a culture of excellence for a specific skill set. That skill set, coupled with the holistic Gospel, will then be available to the student in the nation God directs them. Check out the options below.


Students will learn basic carpentry, building and constructing skills.


Trained by expert and experienced church-planters, students will learn and apply valuable models for planting churches in multiple contexts.


Master your instrument of choice and learn to capture the lyrics and melodies on the heart of God to mobilize, activate and inspire. Students will learn songwriting techniques from seasoned artists.


Students will learn basics in photography, editing and cinematography. Imagine the fulfillment of being on the cutting-edge of creativity with a team of like-minded creatives.


Learn the art of dancing to communicate in a way that impacts and inspires.

Community Development

Receive hands-on training in the areas of food, energy, water, and sanitation. Be equipped to bring lasting Kingdom Restoration throughout the nations.

House of Prayer

Learn how to plant prayer rooms in any and every context. Go deep in intercession, worship, and prayer for the purpose of impacting nations.

Respect the Corners

Be trained in functional fitness and learn how to to use functional fitness to share the gospel in all nations.


Compassion requires a response. Students will dig deep in discovering heavenly strategy for the most broken and forgotten, whether it be the homeless, refugees, orphans or the sick. Students will also be equipped in basic healthcare tools to bring holistic care to impoverished areas around the world. Be activated in courageous love that transforms and restores cities and nations


Students will be equipped in basic business principles of innovation, international business, and entrepreneurial training.

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THE UNIVERSITY OF THE NATIONS IS NOT ACCREDITED BY AN ACCREDITING AGENCY RECOGNIZED BY THE UNITED STATES SECRETARY OF EDUCATION.  Admission to the University of the Nations (U of N) and any of its sponsored programs is open to qualified individuals regardless of race, color, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, and educationally unrelated handicaps. U of N reserves the right to change schedules and course offerings as deemed necessary.