John 10:10 “the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy BUT I have come to bring Life abundantly”

Simple Health Care’s Goal is to teach others health education modules in such a way that it becomes sustainable and reproducible by the local developing communities. Our Kona team has traveled to Cambodia, Thailand, Togo, Honduras and across the United States to run workshops to train others to pass on this vital information. Our workshop participants have ranged from the highly educated to those with little to no education who cannot read or write.


– 9 million children each year die from Preventable and Treatable illnesses before the age of 5 years. Many do not survive the first year of life
– More than 1/3 of all child deaths each year globally are attributed to Malnutrition
– Diarrhea is the 2nd most common cause of death in young children after pneumonia. There are 4 billion cases a year in children under the age of 5
– ~2 million children die from Pneumonia yearly. 1:5 deaths of children are under age 5
– Unsafe water, poor sanitation, lack of Hygiene contributes to 88% of deaths from Diarrheal diseases. Children under 5 represent 90% of deaths from Diarrhea.
– Proper hand-washing with soap can reduce the incidences of diarrhea by half! This also reduces the risk of other infections that put them at risk
– Educating women will reduce the rate of death among children 5 years and younger
(information from Facts For Life)

We are all given the ability to pass on LIFE! Come and join us if you are looking for tools to serve the nations. As you can gather, even the simplest of knowledge can make a huge difference to someone else. Come and learn how to share that knowledge in an effective and interactive way using role play, story telling, songs etc. and in the process discover your own unique teaching abilities.

We have seen it as a useful tool for individuals/groups with a heart to be equipped for outreach opportunities into the nations.


Modules will include the following:

How We Learn / Basic Nutrition / Anemia / Moringa / Handwashing & Hygiene / Cough & Colds / Diarrhea/Dehydration

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February 4, 2019 – February 8, 2019

The workshop will require 5 days of participation from 9-3 with a morning break and lunch break (tba)
Participants are responsible for their own housing during the workshop. Meals can be purchased at the campus cafeteria or in town.


Staff on YWAM Kona Campus: $50
All others: $100




Eager to participate


Jeannie Lee

Jeannie is a nurse by training and has been a missionary with YWAM for 20 years. In the last 7 years working in the area of Health Education/Simple Health Care and running workshops with her team globally. She has also been a staff member for the Primary Health Care School out of Kona, Montana and Cambodia.

Moira Jones

Moira practiced as a social worker in Victoria, Canada before coming to staff the Primary Health Care School. She caught the vision for Health Education/Simple Health Care and the life giving potential it carries. She has a heart for missions and equipping others with tools to go out into the nations.

Contact us with any questions!