November 17, 2017

I know a guy in Europe who is one of the most talented photographers I’ve ever met. He spent years learning the inner workings of his camera, his editing softwares… every detail of his discipline. But does he work professionally in photography? Sadly, he gave up photography (even as a hobby) because he couldn’t earn a living. I believe he didn’t lack photography skills… he lacked the OTHER communication skills that would have afforded him a place in professional photography long-term:


  • Interpersonal communication & public speaking
  • Web & social media savvy
  • Written & video content creation
  • Team dynamics & creative digital strategies
  • And (mmhmm) more…


So I set out to create a new type of Creative Media & Communication Course that bridged the gap between the skills and principles of communication that are needed to be effective in ministry or as a professional in the spheres of society… think: art, communication, education, science & technology, the Church, etc.



So maybe you want to be a filmmaker… a designer… a musician… a pastor… a writer… or an artist of any discipline? Consider building a broad foundation in your understanding of communication so that you can make a deep and powerful impact in your specific area of calling.

TheCreative Media & Communication Course also completes the core course requirements for all 2 year University of the Nations associate’s degrees and most 4 year bachelor’s degrees.

I have over 20 years of experience in numerous disciplines of the media-arts field and I want to see more gifted creatives “make it” and accomplish their calling by growing deep and WIDE in their understanding of communication skills and principles.


Skills Examples:

  • Write a blog
  • Produce an interview video
  • Create a website or social media campaign
  • Preaching a sermon
  • Scripting a movie


Principle Examples:

  • Understand and serve your audience
  • Communication is listening
  • Story is conflict and good characters are flawed
  • Communication is what your audience is hearing – not what you are saying
  • God’s word is powerful – He has entrusted His message to you

So come to theCreative Media & Communication Course at University of the Nations Kona this January. Spread your roots wide to soak up every drop of the creative juice that God is showering on you and let’s see how He will use you to bring His message to the nations!