September 26, 2016


Addressing concerns

Through interacting with students on the Kona Campus, we have discovered that there has been a longing in the hearts of many to go to the nations long-term. What has held most people back? At least three concerns:

  1. lack of training
  2. lack of team
  3. lack of connection

Through Apostello we are attempting to address these concerns, and the member care coaches of Apostello are focused on addressing concerns 2 and 3.


Commitment to you

At Apostello, we recognize and honor the dedication, sacrifice, and obedience it requires for you to follow the will of God for your life by going to the nations long term. In honoring all of that, our commitment to you is to do our best to help prepare you for challenges that you will face in the nations. Some of those challenges are due to a lack of skills (concern 1 above) we associate with being a missionary

  • evangelism
  • language and culture learning
  • church planting
  • mercy and justice ministries
  • fund-raising


Other challenges can also be more personal and interpersonal in nature producing stress due to

  • unfamiliar living situations
  • personal issues coming to the surface due to a new spiritual environment
  • interpersonal and team challenges
  • issues with family, extended family, friends
  • safety issues and medical care availability


Therefore, our commitment to your success happens

  • through encouraging and coaching you in personal and team development while you are on campus
  • through staying connected from a distance as well as helping you network with others in your country for support and encouragement once you have launched


Teams in the field

Our teams in the field have experienced God’s favor

  • Provision: funds, housing, connection, networks, visas
  • Completing a DTS in closed countries and on successful outreaches – mainly to refugees
  • Language and culture learning ability
  • Seeing healings and building trust


They have also faced their challenges, but have all prevailed in the midst of them.

  • Funding seemed like it wouldn’t come, but did
  • Pregnancies and engagements causing adjustments in launch plans and initial focus
  • Multi-cultural team interactions and challenges
  • Visas seemed out of reach for long term workers


Our most recent launch has been as amazing as the others. (Sorry to not provide names and countries, but we need to protect our workers in closed areas)

  • God has provided a great way to get a visa in the country through teaching English.
  • Through that job, there is a network of connections forming that will help provide wisdom and understanding of how to enable others to come into the country.
  • One connection may help reach an unengaged part of the country that has fifteen different tribal groups with no church
  • By offering to pray for those who are in need of a physical touch and seeing healings, they are building a reputation of being someone to turn to when in need