August 17, 2017

Through this sequence of blog posts called “Dancer in YWAM”  we want to share with you stories from your fellow dancers, dancers who have come through YWAM.   Find out more about other dancers who come from all different backgrounds, what their time with YWAM has been like, and the journey they have been on with Jesus.


Dancer: Bboy Xodus


When did you first start dancing & what was your dance background pre-ywam?

I started dancing in 2003 with friends from school. We taught ourselves in my garage.  I joined a hip hop cultured ministry at my church, I was traveling, battling, and doing shows while sharing the gospel through breaking.


What DTS did you do?

In 2010 I did a GX International/Team Xtreme Impact World Tour DTS in Kansas City, USA.


Any other YWAM Courses?  Or Staff with YWAM?  

After my DTS I traveled full time on staff with Impact World Tour for 7 years.


What was a highlight from a ministry time while on outreach?

A highlight for me was definitely learning how to share the gospel more clearly to literally any audience, any crowd, or 1 on 1.   Just the fact that people aren’t projects but real people with real hurt, with a real need to know who God is and how much they are loved by him.  Sure performing in stadiums filled with people was an awesome experience, but it was more so seeing and being a part of people really coming to Jesus.

What was an “Ah-ha” moment you had on God’s perspective of dance?

A huge perspective that God has dropped on me, is that there is no divide in dancing and worship.  It’s all the same!  God created dance as a form of worship to him.  Dance is powerful.  In the bible there’s a story about a king – Herod was willing to give up half of his kingdom for one dance!  When we dance, what are dancing for?

Are you currently dancing/performing?

I am still involved with the worldwide hip hop community outside of the church.  God has called me to be a light in a place where that light doesn’t shine much.  I’m still competing worldwide and sharing the gospel in a real and “not cheesy way”.  I have also started a hip hop school in Hawaii called Break Free, teaching the youth about hip hop culture, how to be involved, and a light in that.  We have monthly dance contest for the community as well.  The best outreach is to go out the front door and live it organically!


How did dancing/training in YWAM influence what you’re currently doing?

YWAM has been a place for me to train and prepare for going back to the hip hop community and live Jesus through lifestyle. Sometimes our character needs to be trained before we go after the big dreams.


Would you and why would you encourage others to pursue joining YWAM as a dancer?

If you are dancer, join YWAM!  Get involved and make sure you take everything that you learn and apply it!  Always learn more as a dancer and surround yourself with people that are hungry for the gospel and even for training and learning in dance.  We are called to live a life of excellence.  We have to always find the things that help us grow and take us out of our comfort zone.


Any final words?

My final word would be – get uncomfortable!!!!!! That’s where you will do the most growing!  Commit to things even if you don’t “want to do it” and be faithful with the very little things in life.



Bboy Xodus is someone who models being authentic and real with who Christ is in & through his life.  He genuinely cares for opening a platform to all dancers and unashamedly shares the gospel with all.  Humility and boldness is something he dances with as he dances in stadiums, with bboy crews, and wherever God calls him to go.  Keep going Bboy Xodus!  (Check out more about Break Free Hawaii on their Facebook.)

Stay tuned for more from other dancers from in this Blog Series “Dancer in YWAM”.