July 31, 2017

Through this sequence of blog posts called “Dancer in YWAM”  we want to share with you stories from your fellow dancers, dancers who have come through YWAM.   Find out more about other dancers who come from all different backgrounds, what their time with YWAM has been like, and the journey they have been on with Jesus.


Dancer: Devin Mack


When did you first start dancing & what was your dance background pre-ywam?

I started dancing when I was three years old. I took tap, ballet, and jazz. I danced with a studio and did competitions until I was 14. After that I trained at the Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington, D.C. as a boarding student. After graduation, I danced with a contemporary company from El Salvador, at the Kennedy Center with Debbie Allen, with the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, performed on the Academy Awards and other venues. I did many performances at churches as well – worshipping with dance is one of my favorite things!


What DTS did you do?

Performing Arts DTS, 2009, Sydney, Australia. We went on outreach to Tahiti and New Caledonia and performed mostly on the streets. 


Any other YWAM Courses?  Or Staff with YWAM?  

I did my SBS at YWAM Kona, 2010-2011, during which I had the opportunity to rehearse and perform with other dancers on campus on the main stage for YWAM’s 50th Jubilee Celebration. It was amazing!! I did a classical ballet piece on pointe, two contemporary group pieces, and a fun African dance to live drums. I also was able to perform with Island Breeze in different Luaus across Kona.


What was a highlight from a ministry time while on outreach?

When a team of us were in New Caledonia, we danced for a small group that had gathered on one of the smaller islands. We were one of the first groups allowed to come and share the gospel there. After performing, we each shared from Scripture. I only spoke for about 5 minutes out of 1 Samuel 30:6.  I felt the Holy Spirit come on me and move powerfully. I don’t know everything the Lord did that night, but I believe that through dance He opened doors and hearts to hear His word.


What was an “Ah-ha” moment you had on God’s perspective of dance?

When I was in Kona, several dancers and I would worship during meetings in the Ohana Court. After one powerful time of worship, someone told me that they saw (in the spirit) three large angels dancing with us. It made me realize how much God loves it when we enter into worship with the gifts that He has placed in us. It leads to an open heaven. 


Are you currently dancing/performing?

I am currently dancing at my church during times of worship and planning to start a life group with the purpose of entering into worship through dance and also performing on occasion. I just had my third baby in 4 years, so I am trying to get back into dance slowly.


How did dancing/training in YWAM influence what you’re currently doing?

My time dancing with YWAM helped me realize that I can dance for the Lord anywhere and in any season. Right now, I do most of my dancing at home with my children. We dance around the house to worship music and just go crazy for Jesus. It’s fun to show them that we can dance for God anywhere and that He enjoys it when we do!


Would you and why would you encourage others to pursue joining YWAM as a dancer?

I would! I love that YWAM not only offers dance training, but shows how we can use our gifts for the Lord. Dance is most powerful, enjoyable, and effective when we use it to worship our Creator. I love that YWAM offers a venue for that and a wonderful connection with other Christian dancers. It’s also so much fun performing in the streets of the nations! God can use dance to open hearts to hear what He has to say. 




Devin is an absolute professional in training and dance experience.  Her heart is passionately after Jesus.  She has studied the Bible in detail, carrying wisdom and knowledge in His truth.  Her life serves as an amazing example of someone who is walking in excellence in heart and skill!

(*Note: PC: Adam Jamal K)

Stay tuned for more from other dancers from in this Blog Series “Dancer in YWAM”.