July 21, 2018

“Even in the first interviews in Kona, our staff and students could sense that God was going to do something powerful through this film. Every year during the Creative Media & Communication Course we take on one or two BIG media projects for missions as a class and this past January three of my staff came to me to pitch a documentary film idea about YWAM.

The picture got clearer as the course started and interviews started happening at Innovision Studio and around Kona. We had to get creative to work with our class schedule and other course responsibilities, but the content was powerful and the project was undeniably from the Lord. Estelle and Daniel from our staff took on the lion share of the production while Alex and other students put together a plan for distribution including website, social, crowdsourcing campaign and more.

We set a deadline for the release of the Fragrance of Faith trailer video as close to the end of the quarter as possible – knowing it would take all the creative resources we had and a healthy measure of God’s grace too!



Thanks to lots of hard work from Estelle, Daniel, Alex and other students and staff we made the deadline and shared the trailer video with our entire YWAM Kona campus during a Thursday Ohana Gathering. God’s favor was evident in the whole faith process – and much of the journey is still to come as post production and fundraising continues in Lausanne Switzerland.

I believe that God has gifted these staff and students with a creative voice that He intends to use to speak truth and faith to the nations. That is my prayer for every edition of our Creative Media & Communication Course!”

-Joel Rogers
School Leader
Creative Media & Communication Course