September 26, 2016

Many people will talk about being Baptized by Fire when they took on a new responsibility. This is when you either sink or swim as one might also say about a new job.

There is a new movement in the IT industry called “Coder Boot Camp.” 12 Weeks To A 6-Figure Job was a piece first published in December 2014 but continues to get traction.

One fan of these programs is President Obama. In March, the White House announced the TechHire initiative to help communities recognize, and hire, boot camp graduates in order to close the famous “skills gap.”

“There’s a lot more we can do together to make sure that more Americans benefit from a 21st century economy,” Obama said to the nation’s mayors. “Folks can get the skills they need in newer, streamlined, faster training programs.”

According to a recent report on NPR:

These programs promise, for several thousand dollars, to take people and in a manner of weeks, turn them into job-ready Web developers.

Virtually unknown just four years ago, today at least 50 of these programs have sprung up around the country and overseas. Collectively, the sector has taken in an estimated $73 million in tuition since 2011.

And the top programs say they are placing the vast majority of their graduates into jobs earning just under six figures in a rapidly expanding field — filling a need for practical, hands-on skills that traditional college programs, in many cases, don’t.

Since 2006 I have been part of a Photography 12 week boot camp that does a similar training for those wanting to know photography.

The students in the course I work with each year in Kona, Hawaii do nothing but this one class for 12 weeks. The more I heard about the “Coder Boot Camp” on NPR as I was driving the more I realized this is what we have been doing in that class.