June 29, 2017

What about COVID19?

We highly recommend every individual do personal research into Federal and State requirements.  For example, the State of Hawai’i has set strict mask requirements in place, as well as strict travel restrictions.  These restrictions have changed & fluctuated since March 2020, and it’s important for each individual to take responsibility to know those restrictions.  As a campus, we do offer COVID19 Updates (https://ywamkona.org/covid-19/ ) and applicants can request a COVID19 FAQ from Student Services.


When is School of Dance?

Check the Course Page for the latest School of Dance dates!


Can I do School of Dance before my DTS?

No, DTS is a prerequisite for all UofN Courses like School of Dance 1 (ATS 215/216).  School of Dance is NOT a DTS – School of Dance is a UofN Course that has a prerequisite of DTS.


What’s the Degree Plan for a Degree Plan that includes School of Dance? 

Contact: degrees@uofnkona.edu to setup the right plan for you!  Also, check out www.uofn.edu to see programs and degrees offered from YWAM/UofN Campus’s all over the world.


Do I have to do a Degree Track to attend School of Dance?

No, but it’s an great option!

Click here for more: Degree Track Information


What if I have never danced before?

If you have never danced before, this school would not be the school to best serve you.  This school is for dancers, those who want to continue their dance training and be fueled as a believer.  The heart is to offer a space for dancers to grow deeper in God’s call on their life in dance.  This is for the dancer who desires to be released as a skilled dancer who shares the love of Jesus on and off stage around the world. 

Ask yourself this question: Am I a dancer who wants space and time to develop my skills as a dancer and deepen my relationship with God, so that I can be better equipped in my calling as a dancer? 

If yes, APPLY today!

As a University level course, students will be expected to hold to University standards in the area of dance.  This means students should come with experience – as any University expects from dance applicants.  Students should come with:  training in their style; as well as, basic but solid understanding of dance disciplines, etiquette, and dance terminology within their style (ie: pirouette, split-leap, six-step, etc). Onsite auditions or audition videos are standard for University level Dance Programs.  This will be covered during the application process.


During Lecture Phase, what kind of dance will I be doing?

Each week has a focused technique style that is taught by the Master Artists & Dance Faculty.  The   curriculum focuses on a variety of performance dance style (contemporary, hiphop, jazz, ballet, modern, etc) to develop well rounded dance experience. All dancers will participate in all dance styles throughout this course.  This is not an all ballet course, or an all hiphop course.  In addition to the technical focus of each week, curriculum includes weekly ballet technique classes.  *(Some seasons we will include other elective technique styles throughout the course: ie. partnering, contact improv, breakdancing, etc).


What will my School of Dance weekly schedule look like?

UofN Courses are minimum of a 50-55 hour learning week. Here is a rough breakdown of your hours each week (*Exact hours fluctuate slightly based on variants of the quarter and course.) :

  • 5 hours: Lecture on Spiritual Topics as they relate to Dance (Prophetic Dance, Dance Ministry: Industry & Traditional Missions, Dancer/Identity, Co-Creating with God in Dance, etc.)
  • 15 hours: UOFN Essentials (work duty, intercession, worship, small group, one on ones
  • 15 hours: Workshopping Dance Topics & Homework (Composition/Choreography, Dancer Anatomy, Nutrition, Conditioning, Pedagogy, etc.)
  • 20 hours: Dance Technique, Rehearsals, & Assignments

Or an example of a Day in the Life:

  • Morning Work Duty
  • Breakfast
  • Lecture Devotional / Worship / Intercession
  • Technique Class
  • Repertoire Rehearsal
  • Lunch Break
  • Dance Theory Workshop
  • Small Group
  • Dinner
  • Homework


Who are the Guest Instructors going to be?

Our Guest Faculty vary each season.  In the past we have had Master Instructors like: Randall Flinn, Cheryl Cutlip, Vincent & Abigail Hardy, Bradley Rapier, Stella Almblade, Cynthia Newland, Fred Vassallo, and others.  We pray before each season for our Guest Faculty.  With all UOFN Courses, the heart of inviting Guest Instructors is to have instructors who are actually doing what they teach (YWAM Value 12).  It is our desire to have instructors who are leading ministries, directors, choreographers, performers – those who are leading ministry within their field of specialty as God has led them.


Where’s School of Dance outreach?

You will receive outreach location information as the Course gets closer, or even during lecture phase.  Much goes into outreach planning and we want to provide you with the best information possible.  While leaning into God’s strategy & location for each course’s unique outreach team.


What will outreach look like, and do I have to go on outreach?

To complete a School of Dance you have to attend both the: Training Phase & Outreach Phase.  Therefore, YES, outreach is part of the course and cannot be skipped.  Students cannot complete the course without the outreach phase.  The outreach team will be performing the repertoire learned during the Training Phase.  The venue may be anything from a brilliant stage to a raw street corner.  As with all YWAM/UofN outreaches putting to practice things you’ve learned during the 3-month Training Phase, and practicing hearing the voice of the Lord will be a key part to outreach!   Teaching dance workshops to kids, youth, or adults in various areas you have been training in.   Outreaches are definitely dance-focused and the majority of the team’s time will be using dance, teaching dance, engaging with dancers in the outreach location; however, we do not limit the team to “dance only”.  Be ready to participate in bible distribution, leading bible study, prayer walks, and mercy ministry as the Lord leads the team.

How much is Outreach?

Course prices are listed on the corresponding course page. So you will find prices for School of Dance on the School of Dance Course page.  However, for outreach it varies by location & season.  This is subject to change but it is often between $4000-$5000 USD.


For general YWAM KONA & UofN FAQ click on the small icon at the bottom right of your screen or see the General FAQ section of the website.