September 26, 2016

Part of Apostello training is a segment on how to approach, organize, and effectively implement your fundraising effort as a full-time missionary.  Fundraising is such an important part of your overall ministry effort.  It is a great opportunity to invite others to be part of what you are doing and to experience God’s provision for you in absolutely remarkable ways.


If you are going to begin the Apostello School, you can start your fundraising, ministry partnership development effort even before you arrive for class by beginning to make your list of family and friend who you could prayerfully approach at some point to ask them to consider joining your support team.   As you make the list, make sure you get as much information regarding names of spouses, mailing address, phone numbers, and email addresses.  


During your fundraising training in Apostello, you will be given practical training in writing newsletters and giving presentations to a prospective financial supporter.  We will work with you to help you put together a budget and then a plan to raise your support.


In the meantime, I suggest you purchase a book called Funding Your Ministry by Scott Morton.  It supplies both the practical and the spiritual basics for successfully raising your personal support and will be a great source of information and encouragement for you.


Happy Fundraising!