We are excited to have people from so many nations on our campus. We’re glad that you are joining our YWAM community. God is going to do amazing things through you. 

You will never regret investing time to study the Bible, exploring your God given calling and learning to use your passions to serve the Kingdom of God. 

Together we are fulfilling the vision God gave Loren Cunningham. We want to send waves of young people from every nations to every nation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sunawh Park & Andy Byrd

Members of the Leadership Team, YWAM Kona

University of
the Nations

God spoke to Howard Malmstadt and Loren Cunningham and said that he wanted YWAM to have a university. God wants people to understand how the Bible applies to every area of society including family, government, education and business.
This holistic approach to missions will be an important part of seeing communities transformed. So in 1978, YWAM launched a university to develop young men and women’s skills, character and worldview.
Every year, approximately 15,000 students take courses in YWAM’s University of the Nations (UofN). We have 600 UofN campuses in 142 countries and provide training in 97 languages.
We want our students to be fully equipped to fulfill their God given calling. We have courses in the arts, healthcare, linguistics, sports, communication, counselling, education, science and more.
The core program in the UofN is the Discipleship Training School (DTS) which is required for all other UofN courses.
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YWAM Kona Campus

In 1973, during an all-night prayer meeting near Honolulu on the island of Oahu, God spoke to Loren Cunningham and other staff and students about starting a YWAM base on the Big Island of Hawaii. 
So Loren and Darlene led a team of YWAMers to Kona. With lots of prayer, hard work and several miracles, YWAM purchased the Pacific Empress Hotel and land. And this is where YWAM Kona continues to stand today.
Over the last 50 years, the campus has developed from an overgrown, abandon hotel to a campus full of life. Each year we train 1,500 students and send them around the world to share the gospel.