Be trained to go

Discipleship Training Schools

Performing Arts DTS

Perform with a purpose.

Korean Crossroads DTS

Championing Koreans to fulfill the Great Commission across the world

Rising DTS

The Rising of Korea's Next Gen


Encounter God. Change the world.

Fire and
Fragrance DTS

To the ends of the earth for love.

Family DTS

Healthy mission minded families.

Crossroads DTS

Transfer your profession and experience into missions (25+).

Looking for a DTS this summer?

Check out the DTS, UofN courses, and seminars at YWAM Ships, our sister campus in downtown Kona.

UofN Courses

Arts & Sports

Christian Ministries

Foundation School

To equip children, youth, teens, and families to advance God’s Kingdom.


For children of DTS students

School of Biblical Studies

A panoramic view of the entire Bible in context.

Word by Heart

His word will become a part of you.

Discipleship Bible School

Encounter God in the Bible

School of Worship

Discover your voice. Release your sound. Worship our God.


Counseling & Healthcare


Humanities & International Studies

Science & Technology

Applied Linguistics & Languages