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Discounts for Developing Nations

Lower Fees for Developing Nations
“God has renewed in us a call to be both international and multicultural,” said Associate Provost David Hamilton.  “The rising cost of our schools over the years has made them less accessible to international students.  To change that, we have overhauled our budgets to be able to significantly reduce tuition cost for those from developing nations.”  For more information  See the Financial Aid information page.


International Info / Visas

For UofN students, trainee missionaries, staff and volunteers there are specific visa requirements depending on the nature and duration of your voluntary service. After you have completed your application and are accepted, our Visa Desk will email you further instructions specific to you. If you have further questions, or if you want information prior to applying, please fill out the form below, or contact us directly at


Lecture fee does cover room and meals!  Student housing is right here on the campus, it will be assigned once the full application has been turned in and accepted by both the School Leader & YWAM Kona Student Services.  Student meals are also served right here on campus at our campus cafeteria.

Each of our schools have an arrival day, it is listed under school information. The first day of the quarter is also the arrival day.  Please book your arrival for that day, and after registration, your room will be ready and waiting for you.
If you are applying for a DTS or UofN Course your children are eligible to attend Foundation School.  Arrangments for your child's school needs to be finalized before any YWAM Kona school can finish processing your application. Details about the school are found at Foundation School's webpage.  Typically during the summer, there is no Foundation School offered.  
  1. Apply online here.
  2. Pay application fee (link above)
  3. You will be contacted by YWAM Kona staff.
  4. Upon acceptance, you will receive school and arrival information via email.
  5. Verify visa information here for non-US citizens.
  6. Pay initial tuition deposit.
You must formally apply and be accepted into a UofN Kona school before you will be considered for financial assistance. Once accepted, your school leader or the Student Services Office will help you secure the necessary application forms.
Generally, no. With two exceptions: The Category of Nations scholarship/discount and the Children of YWAM Staff Discount (see below for both). This school teaches many aspects of the nature and character of God, including His role as our provider. Over the last 20 years, thousands of DTS students have experienced miraculous provision for their school as they have asked God to provide their school fees. At present, campus scholarships are available only for students from countries who are unable to do a DTS in their region because of religious persecution or extraordinary hardship. Recommendation from a YWAM leader is required.
We encourage all staff and students to come with the appropriate updates on immunizations. These are the following:
  • Polio
  • Diphtheria
  • Tetanus
These updates are required every 10 years, if you are unsure of your last immunization, check with your doctor. Please, for your own safety, ensure that you are up to date with these before coming to the lecture phase of your school so that you will be prepared in advance for your field assignment. For overseas field assignments we recommend that all staff and students receive further vaccines, these are the following:
  • Typhoid
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
We encourage you to have these immunizations before joining us as vaccines are expensive and foreign students/staff pay more once they are in the United States. We may also be encouraging students and staff to take medicine to help prevent malaria and to use mosquito nets during the field assignment – this depends on the location of your field assignment. If you would prefer, you can bring malaria medication with you from home or we can purchase this for you here.

To join YWAM you must complete a Discipleship Training School (DTS). After DTS, you can become YWAM staff and serve as a missionary all over the world, or continue on to complete courses or work toward a degree from the University of the Nations.
The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is YWAM’s six month entry-level course. 3 months of lecture and 2-3 months of outreach in the nations. For more information click here.
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