For the past four decades, we have been blessed to train and send out waves of missionaries into almost every nation on earth.

At this moment in time, we see the Lord releasing a new wave; a wave of students.

As the Lord continues to send these waves of students we have great anticipation. Along with this anticipation we are aware of the need to prepare, and with this need we see a requirement for us to move towards developing our campus further.

We are preparing for a record number of students in the upcoming fall, and it is likely to climb even higher in the future.

Therefore, we recognize that we are in a time where the physical development of our campus is crucial to be able to continue to train and send out these waves of missionaries.

Our Task

God is calling skilled volunteers to see HIS Kingdom come to every corner of the earth. We are in a season of wonderful growth, and we can see this growth already in the expansion of our student body as well as our campus overall.  

In the past, our campus has developed through the help of many skilled volunteers and we are so thankful. Now we again look to the future, and this next wave building up, and enter the call for to get ready! We would like to invite you to join us in this call and to help us prepare for this next wave of the Lord.

Our most urgent need at the moment is for more buildings. We need more dormitories, classrooms, and facilities to accommodate the season of growth we are moving into and to make room to welcome all those God is calling forth.  


Our Volunteers must:

  • Have a minimum level of English language ability in order to be able to join us. We ask that your English language skills are at least minimum professional proficiency as this is essential for you to be  able to fully participate during your time serving here with us.

  • Be at least 18 years old.

  • Be in good health (able to work 40 hours per week – 8 hours per day).

  • Have a willing heart to serve in any capacity.

Community Meetings – Mandatory

We ask all our skilled volunteers to attend our family meetings and devotions as a means for fellowship and spiritual input. It is a great way to develop lasting friendships and to ensure each of our volunteers are being spiritually fed and spiritually fed by the Lord on a daily during their time with us! So, for the reasons listed above, the following meetings are mandatory:

  • Daily devotionals at 7am

  • Monday Morning Worship at 8am for an hour (campus wide worship)

  • Tuesday Night Family Meeting starting at 6pm which often includes international guest speakers.

  • Thursday Night Ohana Meeting at 6pm which often includes international guest speakers.

What We Offer

Questions? Contact us

Kokua Crew

We have two volunteer programs here at the University of the Nations, Kona. Mission Builders is designed for skilled construction tradespeople who are willing to give 2 weeks to 6 months volunteering their time and expertise to help build out our campus facilities.

Kokua Crew is for non-DTS graduates who are willing to serve for a minimum of 6 weeks! Kokua Crew members bring their enthusiasm to help the University in 13 critical departments including kitchen, grounds, housekeeping, and mailroom.

If you’re not a skilled tradesperson with work experience, check out our Kokua Crew program!

Kokua Crew