How My Discipleship Training School Changed My Life

Heather Morse

I had a life-changing experience in DTS. During a teaching God met me. I knew I was born to be a storyteller and use my camera to share hope with the lost and neglected. I travel the world now as part of the YWAM UofN Kona media team.

John-Mark Dyer

I was on the floor for 30 minutes. Jesus encountered me he told me He wanted to be my friend. I thought if I fully surrendered to God he would send me to the middle of nowhere, all alone, to plant a church. I encountered God’s love in DTS and he broke all those weird fears.

Philip Dodge

I learned how to be free in DTS. I broke the lies I used to believe. I learned how to agree with God. Joyful repentance changed my life! It set me up for my missional calling.

Ari Locsin

I had no idea I could know God on a personal level—a real relationship. Before DTS I was embarrassed to call myself a believer. I didn’t know if what I believed was really real. But now that I know him, it is my deepest desire to grow in relationship with God and for others to know him the way I do.

Anna Velichko

I remember I was so nervous. Even though we learned and practiced during training phase, I never shared the Gospel in front of anyone let alone a group of strangers! I had always been afraid of public speaking. But I did it, I stood in front of a crowd and shared boldly about Jesus. This is what DTS does.