Loren Cunningham’s Health Update

(Updated on March 23, 2023)

Dear family and friends….

Loren is experiencing nothing short of a MIRACLE on a daily basis these days. He is energized and DAILY sharing the vision God has put on his heart to get the Bible orally into every Mother Tongue on earth (PrayOMT.com). If you would see or hear him and did not know, you would think there’s nothing wrong.


Here’s a photo taken on Tuesday, March 14, 2023 as Loren shared about OMT with the YWAM UofN Kona staff. (This was only the 2nd time he had left our home in four months, except for going to medical appointments.)

The Ohana Court was packed to overflowing – such a sense of anticipation in the air. As I sat there, I thought “He looks so good…so handsome! No one would guess what we are facing!”

Earlier this month, when we first received the diagnosis that cancer had spread throughout Loren’s body, the doctor asked, “What is your pain level?” Loren said, “Zero!” The doctor said, “That’s impossible! That’s so unusual.” To which I responded, “Well, this man has always been unusual! And we have a great God and lots of people praying for him!” 

At the beginning of March, Loren spent three days pouring out OMT vision to the YWAM Founders’ Circle as they met at our home. (Some of you have read Lynn Green’s “YWAM Succession” letter where he shared about this – it’s on his March 14th FaceBook blog).

Then Loren spoke several hours on the same subject with 71 international leaders of YWAM’s largest training campuses who came to Kona for the Presidents’ Gathering. Next, he shared OMT at the YWAM UofN Kona Staff Meeting mentioned above – again, full of humor, energy, and passion. Last Friday, he shared it at an All Student Assembly. At EACH of these gatherings, there has been a whole-hearted embracing of the OMT vision and a commitment to DO IT! This has so encouraged Loren, adding to his strength and determination.


At the Student Assembly last Friday, Loren mentioned that he was beginning 10 days of radiation treatment. This is not a curative treatment, but rather an effort to stave off tumor growth into his spinal column, which would cause severe pain. He is handling the treatment well thus far – please pray that it is successful and that he will not experience the usual side effect of fatigue.

I am also knowing an amazing grace as a result of your prayers, as I walk this journey together with Loren. Thank you for your prayers – please don’t stop!



P.S. Loren and I have so enjoyed reading through all the prayers and personal testimonies of transformed lives that people have been sending in. If you would like to write a word of encouragement to Loren, you may send it to [email protected]